Facebook-IconYour hosts, the BOONE BROTHERS, have returned with the highly anticipated follow-up to the #1 BARE-FISTED FEMALE fighting show IN THE WORLD. There have been dozens of imitators, but none have ever come close to delivering the jaw-dropping level of unhinged, untamed, and unadulterated GIRL-ON-GIRL COMBAT. Watch the feet, fists, and clothing fly when these girls explode in a flurry of rage, as Martin and Mitchell Boone unleash their unique brand of hysterically inappropriate commentary.

Some said the first could never be surpassed. Those people were FUCKING STUPID.

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BRAWLIN’ BROADS: Bootleg Edition

And if that wasn’t enough, the ultimate party DVD returns for the very first time UNCUT and UNCENSORED! Five 100% REAL knock-down, drag-out, bare-fisted, female fights between questionably attractive girls who have genuine scores to settle. Enjoy the unbridled female brutality and outrageous pre- and post-fight commentary as your hosts, Martin and Mitchell Boone, guide you through the ocean of torn clothing, black eyes, clumps of hair and broken dreams. The Boone Brothers keep the festivities moving with a heavy flow of booze and tasteless jokes while the bevy of angry hellcats punch, kick and slap their way to trailer park supremacy. NOTE: This is the ultra-rare, underground version of the first volume of BRAWLIN’ BROADS not seen before on Pay-Per-View or DVD. It has been fully restored to it’s original glory.

BOONE Brothers

“Brawlin’ Broads is the most disturbingly entertaining DVD that I have EVER seen. I’ll take two!” – Jim Daniels/FOX Sports News

“The pinnacle of hixploitation, the Boone brothers are an absolute riot!”  - SF Weekly

“The Boone brothers and their “Brawlin’ Broads!” are flat out entertaining!” - AVN

“Nothing compares to the utter brutality of Brawlin’ Broads. And the Boone brothers make this one of the funniest videos we’ve seen”  - Gallery Magazine

“God bless the Boone Brothers! Four stars.” - MK Ultra Magazine

“The mind reels at the level of hilariously inappropriate and sleazy entertainment that ‘Brawlin’ Broads’ and the Boone brothers achieve.” - Hustler Magazine

More Girls! More Laughs! More Booze! More face-smashing, hair-pulling, leg-kicking action!

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